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Boyer’s Ice Cream and Coffee


During a semester long research project on Boyer’s Ice Cream & Coffee in Richmond, VA, I acted as Project Manager and Chief Strategist on our team. The final paper was about fifty pages long and contained findings from in-depth interviews, a focus group, secondary market research, and a survey designed with Qualtrics. We used SPSS and Excel to analyze the data and I lead the team in forming our final recommendations. The professor estimated our project worth to be about $10,000 and believed it to be one of the best researched he has seen from students. As the strongest presenter in the group, I spoke for about 8 of the 15 minutes including the introduction, third objective, recommendations, and conclusion. Unfortunately, I will not share the full paper here for confidentiality concerns but included the presentation slides which can be accessed by clicking on the title above.

Sound & Found

Our team’s task was to create a niche product and bring it to market. My main roles in this project were as project manager and principal environmental researcher. I wrote much of parts three, four, and five and contributed to the overall marketing strategy and implementation plan. My favorite part of this project was taking the initiative to perform an in-depth interview with a man whose vision had just been restored after thirty years of blindness.

Oreo 2.0: How Kraft Changed the Oreo

To accompany a report on the Oreo in the Chinese market, our group presented the findings and recommendations. The first portion of the video includes the presentation and the second half is a question and answer segment. I present a general overview of the problem from 0:40 – 3:30 and then break down my macro-environment research from 15:50 – 20:10. You may notice that we refer to different flavors of Oreos that we brought in to make the presentation more interactive. I completed this project as a Freshman during the spring of 2014.

Hugo Chavez:

The Words that Defined the Man & the Movement

My research on Hugo Chavez unites the leadership and marketing fields. I discuss Hugo Chavez’s strategy when presenting himself to the public in order to create a mass-revolution. What attracted people to Chavez? Why would they go along with him? Embedded within my argument are marketing and positioning strategies that Chavez used to define his “brand” and appeal to Venezuelans. I focus on his methods of including potential followers, constructing a cause, and framing the opposition. The framework that I establish in this political setting can be used to further analyze and construct business strategies because the fundamentals remain the same.

Persuasive Impacts of Imagery

Even before I realized my passion in marketing, I was already gravitating toward research topics involving marketing tactics. Have you ever considered why images are used so often in media? In this research paper, I explore how and why images can be used as a powerful persuasive method. I wrote this particular paper during my Freshman year of college for a leadership course and discuss the photographs in Al Gore’s book “Our Choice.”

Open-Air Asylums

This paper, of a different note than the others, outlines the mental healthcare crisis in the United States, an issue which I am passionate about.