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My Story

At the age of four I could recite every jingle on TV.

I didn’t know at the time where that hobby of memorizing TV commercials would take me. Coming from a household of two cardiologists, an oncology nurse, and an oral surgeon, medicine was the easy (albeit predictable) path for me. I grew up in waiting rooms playing doctor and discussing primary pulmonary hypertension at the dinner table. I ventured off to the University of Richmond to break the family legacy of biochemistry majors by pursuing a degree in microbiology.

I know. I was such a rebel.

So how did everything change? My first business class: Microeconomics. My professor still doesn’t believe this has been my favorite class that I’ve taken at Richmond. But, for me, this class introduced me to a world which was, for me, an entirely new frontier, a challenge.

In marketing I found the most difficult problems, those which don’t have a right answer. There isn’t a cheat sheet in the back of the book and flashcards won’t get you anywhere. It’s the challenge of harmonizing creativity and analysis that drew me to marketing. I have found my passion in shaping brands that are more than a name, but, rather, inspire community.


More About Me:

I was captain of my crew team for two years in high school. If you ask me about it, chances are I won’t be quiet for another two hours.

I drive a manual. Whether I drive it well is a different matter.

I have never eaten a PB&J.

I love asking people to tell me a story.

My favorite book of all time is “Band of Brothers” because it pretty much taught me everything I know about leadership.